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Irrigation Specialists

 Lucidi Irrigation is a full-service irrigation company. We provide and install basic or customized irrigation systemsfountainsaerators, wells, irrigation design, installation, irrigation repair and cost, irrigation pump systems, retention ponds (with or without pumping capabilities), and lake level controls. Every property is unique.


Water sensor for efficient system operation.

Subsurface drip systems

that allow all plants to be watered below grade with no evaporation loss.

Master valves

prevents system leaks and also eliminate pressure in the system when it is not running.


We repair broken sprinkler components, and we also update systems that need changes.

Irrigation System

The irrigation system must accomodate structures, topographic conditions, and city and state regulations.  We use a variety of applications, products, and manufacturers to accommodate the customer’s needs.  From large high-volume rotors to drip irrigation systems, we can do it all. At Lucidi Irrigation we take pride in the commercial and residential irrigation maintenance services we provide. For additional questions or queries about existing irrigation services or one of our many other services, please contact us today for a free irrigation installation, irrigation systems consultation!

About Irrigation Design

Our team of experts will give you full support and ideas on what to have installed in your property. 

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